Most Memorable ASCO Annual Meeting Experience, with ASCO President Bruce E. Johnson, MD, FASCO

Last Updated: May 30, 2018

In this video, ASCO President, Dr. Bruce E. Johnson describes one of the most memorable research presentations he’s seen in 34 years of attending the ASCO Annual Meeting and how the research presented at this meeting each year changes patients’ lives.


2018 ASCO® Annual Meeting; Delivering Discoveries: Expanding the Reach of Precision Medicine

Bruce E. Johnson, MD, FASCO; ASCO President: I have been involved in treating lung cancer for a couple of decades, in the 1980s and 90s. And the treatments and the patient outcome changed very little over the course of those 20 years.

Most Memorable ASCO Annual Meeting Experience

Dr. Johnson: I've been attending the ASCO Annual Meeting for 34 years. And during that time, I've had many presentations that have changed the outcomes of our patients with cancer. One of the most memorable was a presentation about a decade ago by one of my colleagues, Dr. Tony Mok. In that presentation, he showed that a subset of patients with lung cancer, those that had a mutation in a gene called the epidermal growth factor receptor, could be treated with a pill instead of chemotherapy. In those patients, the pill worked twice as long as chemotherapy and the side effects were reduced by about 50%, leading to a rather dramatic difference in the outcome of this subset of patients with lung cancer. That subsequently has expanded rather dramatically and there's 4 different agents directed against the epidermal growth factor receptor that are now approved for lung cancer. And the latest findings that have come out, they show that they work for about 2 years now instead of the 6 months that we used to see for chemotherapy. So for that subset of patients, it's a rather dramatic advance.

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