How to Follow ASCO’s Annual Meeting on our Social Media

As ASCO’s patient website, Cancer.Net offers breaking research news for people diagnosed with cancer and their family and friends, about the cancer care and treatment advances announced during ASCO’s Annual Meeting each year. As part of our comprehensive coverage, Cancer.Net will provide real-time social media updates of the ASCO Annual Meeting.

News from the 2018 meeting will start to be released mid-May 2018, with additional studies being released each day of the event, held June 1-5, 2018. Here are some steps you can take to follow the meeting’s highlights:

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Whether you are coming to Chicago or following the news from home, up-to-date information can be easily found by simply following @CancerDotNet on Twitter or liking Cancer.Net’s page on Facebook. Coverage can be found on the Cancer.Net Blog and via our patient education videos, where there will be context about highlighted scientific studies among the thousands of abstracts released at this meeting each year.

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