For Patient Advocates

An advocate is someone who supports or defends a cause. In the cancer community, an advocate supports a cause or policy regarding cancer. Cancer advocates can work on a local or national level, providing support to those living with cancer, raising public awareness of the disease, advancing cancer research, improving the quality of cancer care, or addressing legislative and regulatory issues that affect cancer care and research.

ASCO's mission has always centered around improving the treatment and care of people living with cancer. This mission includes serving not only the educational needs of the professional oncology community, but the educational needs of the patient community as well. As the leading professional medical society in clinical oncology, ASCO shares your goal of helping people living with cancer obtain accurate, reliable, and timely information about their disease and treatment options. To that end, we encourage you to take part in the patient advocate programs that ASCO offers. You may learn more about these programs by exploring the sections below or viewing this page (PDF).

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