2012 Four-Month Page

Michelle Itczak
From the Darkest Hours to Soaring Wings

Cancer has been a part of Michelle Itczak’s life, in some way, for as long as she can remember. Her grandfather and aunt both passed away from leukemia and she lost both a beloved teacher and family friend to breast cancer. Now, Michelle works as an art therapist at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis and is touched on a daily basis by the effects of cancer.

She created this piece, “From the Darkest Hours to Soaring Wings,” as a result of her many experiences with cancer. The butterfly wing is the hope that grows and emerges from patients even when their hearts are experiencing some of the darkest hours.

“Even when the news is bad, the pain is getting worse, or the fear is unknown, the children I see always find a way to spread their wings and soar to a place of hope,” says Michelle. “Children are the ones who remind us all to never give up.”