January 2013

David Posey
Daybreak in Seward, Alaska

David Posey, a graphic artist from Alexandria, VA, has always striven to find beauty in the visuals that surround him. His lifelong passions for photography and art have inspired him to find this beauty in scenes like “Daybreak in Seward, Alaska.” For him, however, this image represents more than just the natural beauty of an Alaskan sunrise.

Three months after he snapped this photo on their first ever father-son vacation, Posey’s father was diagnosed with small-cell bladder cancer. With a dear friend and grandmother both affected by ovarian cancer, Posey is no stranger to the toll a cancer diagnosis can have on life. So, to him, this image of a rising sun represents the inevitable dawn of a new day - a day in which life must be cherished and appreciated, because time on Earth can be short.

Posey’s father continues to fight against his cancer diagnosis and Posey’s friend, Benita, remains a ten year survivor of ovarian cancer.