July 2013

Donna Faranda
La Dolce Vita

For Donna Faranda, her 1999 breast cancer diagnosis has been instrumental in inspiring her to reach out and become more connected to the world. Having already survived pediatric cancer at only two months old, her second diagnosis seriously influenced her perspective on life. She was previously living a relatively isolated lifestyle, working at home as a computer graphics artist. But once diagnosed, Donna experienced a shift in her world view. She joined Gilda’s Club and was introduced to The Creative Center for People with Cancer. It was in workshops here that she began to feel as part of a collective whole and was able to bridge the gap between herself and other people.

“I feel like I have been embraced by a kindred spirit, derived from shared experiences,” Donna says. “It is this experience that I would like to share with other people who, as I have, been affected by cancer.”

Donna creates art using a computer painting program, which allows her to place dots as brush strokes, creating a pointillist effect. Her pieces, like “La Dolce Vita,” celebrate mythic women and the valor they display when faced with adversity.