March 2013

Summerlynn Rivera
Granny Dora Lee's Variegated Roses

For Summerlynn Rivera roses have a spiritual quality – they remind her of all things good in the world, especially her time with her grandmother. Her grandmother Dora Lee, “Granny Dora Lee,” as Summerlynn fondly refers to her, loved to grow roses. So when Dora Lee was diagnosed with breast cancer, her roses became therapeutic.

“I like to think those roses cared for her and kept her spirits high during the healing process,” Summerlynn says. “Flowers are a happy thing and I hope my painting will bring a smile to someone else.”

This piece, “Granny Dora Lee’s Variegated Roses,” was painted using acrylic and glitter in May of 2012. Granny Dora Lee is now a 10 year survivor of breast cancer.