September 2013

Emily Williams
Blossoming Hope

Mother, wife and cancer survivor Emily Williams has come a long way since her diagnosis of breast cancer with metastatic disease to the bone in 2010. In the beginning of her journey with cancer, she found it difficult not to dwell on what cancer was taking away from her family and herself. However, she has come to realize that cancer has, in fact, given her a second life. A teacher of 11 years with little time to spend on her own art, cancer has taught her to live life to the fullest and to find time to do the things she loves.

“I now enjoy staying home with my children,” Emily says. “I enjoy making memories with my daughter as we both sit in our sunroom and paint together.”  The piece featured in this year’s calendar, “Blossoming Hope,” depicts sunflowers, which, to Emily, represent a feeling of happiness. The words she has painted in the stems helped her through her diagnosis: love, courage, faith, strength and hope.