Introduction to the Costs of Cancer Care

Approved by the Cancer.Net Editorial Board, 11/2013

The cost of cancer care can be high, and there may be extra expenses you hadn’t planned for during this time. The financial impact of a cancer diagnosis is often a major source of stress and anxiety for people with cancer and their families. And for some, these out-of-pocket costs are a major reason why they don’t follow or complete their cancer treatment plan. However, not following your treatment plan for any reason can put your health at risk and lead to even higher costs in the future.

This section was developed to help you identify the medical and associated costs of cancer care and talk openly with members of the health care team about reducing or managing them. It includes tools, information, and resources that will assist you in financial planning before, during, and after treatment. By figuring out soon after a cancer diagnosis what costs you can expect, you will be able to manage your financial concerns in the most effective way possible so that you or a family member gets the best possible care.

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