Clinical Trials

This section provides information on clinical trials.

Listen to the Cancer.Net Podcast: What Are Clinical Trials?, adapted from this content.

Watch the Cancer.Net Video: What are Clinical Trials?, with Richard Goldberg, MD, adapted from this content.

About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that test new treatment and prevention methods to find out if they are safe, effective, and better than the current standard of care (the best known treatment).

Placebos in Cancer Clinical Trials

A placebo is an inactive drug or treatment used in a clinical trial. The use of placebos in cancer clinical trials is rare. Hear more about this topic from an ASCO expert.

What is the TAPUR Study?

ASCO’s TAPUR Study is a clinical trial for adults with later-stage cancer, focused on whether specific targeted therapies can benefit more patients and lead to more personalized therapies.