Many patients and survivors experience pain during and after cancer treatment. It may help to know that cancer pain can be treated successfully for most patients. But it is important to focus on managing pain during all phases of cancer treatment and into survivorship. Learn more about the following topics:

Pain: Causes and Diagnosis

Pain can come from the tumor itself, the cancer treatment, or other medical conditions. Discussing your pain with your health care team will help them find the best way to manage it.

Treating Pain with Medication

Relieving side effects, including pain, is an important part of cancer care and treatment. Learn more about options for treating pain with medication. 

Additional Ways to Manage Pain

Medication often plays an important role in relieving pain related to cancer and its treatment. But there are several medication-free self-care and support options.

ASCOanswers Managing Cancer-Related PainDownload ASCO’s free booklet, Managing Cancer-Related Pain, as a printable PDF (36 pages). Order printed copies of the booklet in English from the ASCO University Bookstore.