Oncologist-approved cancer information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology

For Teens


Learn about cancer and the most common types of cancer that occur in teens.

Dealing With Cancer

Find practical information about cancer, such as what to do after a diagnosis, how to talk with the doctors and nurses, and how to find help and support.

Family, Friends, and School

Find out how cancer can affect relationships with family and friends and how to cope with changes at school.

Treatment Information

 Find information about cancer treatment, clinical trials, and questions to ask the doctor about treatment.

Cancer and Your Body

Learn how cancer can affect the body, body image, fertility, and reproductive health.

Life After Treatment

Learn more about being a cancer survivor, including keeping track of health records, coping after cancer, and returning to school after cancer.

Resources for Teens

Find websites for teens with cancer, a listing of camps and retreats for families and children touched by cancer, and a listing of educational scholarships available to teens with cancer.

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