Resources for Teens

Approved by the Cancer.Net Editorial Board, 03/2014

This section includes resources for teens with cancer, including websites, camps and retreats, and educational scholarships.


Beyond the Cure is a website from the National Children's Cancer Society created for survivors of childhood cancer.

CancerCare is a nonprofit organization that provides free professional counseling and educational programs to anyone affected by cancer.

CureSearch funds and supports children's cancer research and provides information and resources to anyone affected by children's cancer.

Group Loop is a safe place for teens with cancer and their parents to find support, education, and hope while dealing with a cancer diagnosis. It is sponsored by Cancer Support Community.

Stupid Cancer provides information and support for young adults with cancer.

LIVESTRONG provides resources and programs on cancer survivorship.

2bMe is a program for teens by Look Good...Feel Better helps teens dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment.

TeensHealth provides information on cancer and other topics.

Teens Living With Cancer is a place for teens to get information and share their stories with other teens with cancer.

Voicing My Choices is a planning guide for adolescents and young adults to help express their thoughts about how they want to be comforted, supported, treated, and remembered.

Young Survival Coalition is an international, nonprofit network of breast cancer survivors and supporters dedicated to the concerns and issues that are unique to young women with breast cancer.

Camps and Retreats

Whether it's a summer camp, a week-long retreat, or a weekend gathering, children, adults, and families can come together to experience new adventures, find support, and learn something new about themselves. Read more about camps and retreats for families touched by cancer.

Information for School Professionals

Children in classrooms across the country are likely dealing with cancer right now, whether with a grandparent, parent, or teacher. LIVESTRONG at School free online lessons teach about cancer in a way that is age-appropriate, hopeful, inspiring and empowering. Lesson plans include educational standards, clear learning objectives, engaging videos, extension activities, a section to check for understanding on what has been learned, and ways that students can get involved.

Educational Scholarships

This list contains links to educational scholarships for teenage cancer survivors. For the most current information, please contact the organization sponsoring the scholarship for additional details.

Scholarship opportunities

The Patient Advocate Foundation's Scholarships

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Scholarship Program: For brain tumor survivors

The Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation: For residents of Colorado and Montana

Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults National College Scholarship Program

Cancer Survivor's Fund

If your organization offers scholarships for teens with cancer, please call 888-651-3038 or send an e-mail message to