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September 1, 2015
· Cancer.Net and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service

Preventing Food Poisoning During and After Treatment


Cancer and cancer treatments often weaken the immune system, making it harder for the body to protect itself from foodborne illness. So how can you stay food safe? This infographic produced by Cancer.Net and the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service can help.

July 30, 2015
· Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO

Research and Perspectives on Supportive Care in Cancer


Dr. Schapira recently attended the Annual Meeting on Supportive Care in Cancer. In this post, she shares what she took away from this multidisciplinary group of health professionals and researchers about managing the physical and emotional side effects of cancer.

July 23, 2015
· Amber Bauer, ASCO staff

What is Palliative Care?


Many people hear the words “palliative care” and think “hospice.” However, palliative care is not the same thing as hospice care. Learn more about how palliative care provides support and relief to people with cancer from ASCO experts and a cancer survivor.

June 2, 2015
· Amber Bauer, ASCO staff

Progress through Cancer Research: Helping People Live Longer, Better Lives


Two out of three people now live at least five years after being diagnosed with cancer, but there is still more to be done. Researchers at the 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting showed how new treatment options can continue to improve and lengthen the lives of people with both rare and common cancers.



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