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Thank you for visiting ASCO's patient information website, Cancer.Net. ASCO welcomes your comments and questions about Cancer.Net and its patient information program. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the site's content, technical support, and navigation assistance, as well as general contact information.

Please note that ASCO staff cannot answer personal medical questions, give treatment recommendations, or provide direct financial support. Please talk with your doctor about all individual cancer care decisions.

How do I find an oncologist in my area?

Cancer.Net offers a free, searchable online Find an Oncologist database.

Who do I contact if I'm interested in reprinting Cancer.Net content?

Complete the Permissions Request Form and return it to

How can I learn more about Cancer.Net's Linking Policy?

Visit Cancer.Net's Linking Policy page. To request a link on Cancer.Net, complete and return the Linking Request Form (PDF) to

How can I get printed patient education materials and Cancer.Net promotional materials?

Please note that it has become necessary for ASCO, as a nonprofit organization, to implement a small charge for the ASCO Answers Fact Sheets and Patient Education Guides and Booklets, to help cover printing and development costs. All patient education materials ship for free and ASCO members are also eligible for a discount; please have your member ID number ready when you place your order.

All printed materials are available for ordering through the ASCO Store. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

ASCO continues to offer all Cancer.Net promotional materials (such as referral cards, leaflets, cancer information prescription pads, and mobile app cards) free of charge. Please email to place an order.

For further information on printed materials, please contact ASCO's customer service department between 8:30am and 5:00pm ET at 888-273-3508 or 703-519-1430, or send an e-mail to

Where can I learn more about Cancer.Net and ASCO?

Details about Cancer.Net's medical review process and ASCO can be found on the About Us page.

Who do I contact if I'm a reporter/with a media organization and wish to use Cancer.Net information?

Contact ASCO's Media Relations department, at

How can I contact Cancer.Net about writing a guest post for the blog?

The Cancer.Net Blog does not publish sponsored or paid content. We do accept guest posts for consideration for publication. All guest post content must meet the editorial vision of the Cancer.Net Blog and suit the interests of our diverse audience. Take a look at our Guest Posting Policies to learn more. To submit a guest post idea or to ask any other questions about the blog, email

How can I provide Cancer.Net with feedback about the site?

Tell us what you think of Cancer.Net! Receiving input from visitors like you is one of the most important ways we learn about what users value on the site and get ideas for future growth. Feel free to contact us directly through our feedback form. Please note: this link opens in a new window--if prompted, please disable your pop-up blocker. 

How can I contact Cancer.Net and ASCO with other questions?

Phone: 571-483-1780 or 888-651-3038
Fax: 571-366-9537
Mailing address: American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2318 Mill Road, Suite 800, Alexandria, VA 22314, Attn: Communications & Marketing

ASCO's toll-free information line (listed above) is available to people diagnosed with cancer, their caregivers, family members, and friends via phone or email; questions are generally answered within two business days. This information line does not provide medical or legal advice, including answers to personal medical questions or specific treatment recommendations, or direct financial assistance. We are happy to direct you to resources that may assist you in your search for information, including ASCO's cancer information website, Cancer.Net. The information provided by ASCO staff is not comprehensive and is not a substitute for consultation with your physician. The mention of any product, service or therapy in materials referenced by ASCO staff, including Cancer.Net, should not be considered an endorsement by ASCO.  ASCO is not responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to any use of the material referenced by the Cancer.Net information line or to any errors or omissions.

Thank you again for your interest in Cancer.Net and ASCO's patient information program.