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Last Updated: December 1, 2021

Dr. Nathalie McKenzie, a researcher funded by Conquer Cancer®, the ASCO Foundation, explains how your donation fuels the innovation improving care for every cancer, every patient, everywhere.

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Dr. Nathalie McKenzie; Conquer Cancer Researcher (voice-over): When I was diagnosed with cancer, I took control of my health.

A photo shows Dr. McKenzie smiling, with a bald head.

Dr. McKenzie (voice-over)When I wanted to help other people with cancer, I became a physician.

Dr. McKenzie looks directly at the camera. She walks down a hallway with purpose, then examines a patient.

Dr. McKenzie: When I became a researcher, I pursued affordable treatments for everyone.

Dr. McKenzie loops a stethoscope around her neck, then types on a laptop keyboard. A Conquer Cancer mug sits next to her computer.

Dr. McKenzie (voice-over)When I wanted to make a global impact, I went to Haiti to perform surgeries.

A photo shows a street on Haiti, then another photo shows a team performing surgery. Dr. McKenzie puts on a surgical mask.

Dr. McKenzie (voice-over)When I got innovative in treating my patients...

Dr. McKenzie looks at MRI films. Several different patients appear on screen to share their words in quick succession. 

Patient 1: I was given time with my family

Patient 2: A new beginning

Patient 3: A future

Dr. McKenzie puts her arm around a patient's shoulders.

Dr. McKenzie (voice-over)You can make a difference for every cancer, every patient, everwhere.

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