Finding Support and Information

After a diagnosis of cancer, it is important to find credible information and seek support. 


Learn how counseling can help you with challenges related to cancer and how to find a counselor.

Support Groups

Support groups can help many people cope with the emotional aspects of cancer by providing a place to share experiences and learn from others who are living with cancer.

Finding a Support Buddy

Learn about organizations that offer “buddy programs” where you can be matched with a survivor of the same type of cancer to get one-on-one support throughout your cancer treatment.

Online Communities for Support

For many people with cancer, connecting with others provides emotional support and inspiration during this challenging time.What might help is to join an online community where you can connect with others. Joining an online community also makes it easier to keep friends and family updated on your situation.

Telephone and E-mail Cancer Helplines

When you need assistance or advice on cancer-related topics, many organizations will offer their expertise at no charge. The following list includes some of the telephone and e-mail helpline services answered by oncology health professionals, trained counselors, or volunteers. The services offer general medical information; for specific medical questions, you should always talk with your doctor or another member of your health-care team.

Wish Fulfillment Organizations for People With Cancer

Wish fulfillment organizations offer children and adults with a chronic or advanced condition, such as cancer, the chance to take a break from the challenging experience by allowing them to have their wishes and dreams come true. Such dreams—big or small—may include taking a family vacation, attending an event, purchasing a desired item, or meeting someone special. Whatever the wish, wish fulfillment organizations aim to help people with advanced illness enrich the quality of their lives and create meaningful memories.

General Cancer Groups

A list of general cancer resources and organizations that may be helpful in finding additional information, services, and support.

Government Agencies

Government agencies that oversee the approval of drugs and treatments and license hospitals and medical professionals to practice. Use this section to research treatments, health-care guidelines, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for medications.